Sometimes it makes sense to promote excellent leaders who are growing at a remarkable pace. Read on to learn about two such individuals.

Founders of Zing.

Two Los Angeles female entrepreneurs take on tech during COVID-19 and fight back against economy decline. See how they’re giving back and recovering revenue at the same time. There is a strong philosophy in marketing when it comes to cultivating gratitude or paying it forward. These savvy e-commerce business owners have put the math to it, developed a first-of-it’s-kind leading application and shown that gratitude pays AND saves your bottom line! 

“As business owners in e-commerce through Shopify, we saw an increasing need for businesses to stop giving away their bottom line. Our unique application is the world’s first Pay It Forward application available with an average ROI of 800% in the first 30 days or less while increasing email subscribers at a 10X pace daily. Zing is ready to take on the economy and we’re all in this together. Coupon codes are a thing of the past.” – Kelly

-Kelly Saye, owner Undercover Hippie Clothing

-Christina DuVarney, owner Beautiful Disaster Clothing

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