Why do so many people struggle with the fundamentals of leadership? Perhaps because it’s something that isn’t effectively taught for general understanding—there are a million books and programs with a million different systems that either over-simplify or are too tightly focused on a particular situation (like the military or a large homogeneous corporate culture). 

Leadership isn’t a system…it’s a mindset and way of being. And, importantly, it isn’t for everyone. 

modern classic, The Junior Executive has prepared countless individuals for the next level of leadership. Read either as a roadmap or a series of expositions, The Junior Executive serves as a continual reference for leaders on the executive path and who are seeking to achieve even more. The book provides context for three major phases of transition into executive leadership: 

  • Place in Time: Preparation of the proper mindset for executive leadership.
  • The Junior Executive: Tactical and operational guidance for success in an executive leadership role.
  • Say and Do: A framework for growing into a senior executive role.

The Junior Executive is the antidote to formulaic approaches to leadership and the executive role. Rather than a number of easy steps, success in leadership requires deep introspection and an honest acknowledgment of our commitment to acquire the skills we must individually develop. This book exposes the truths of legitimate executive leadership and what you need to do to achieve and thrive in an executive role.

I don’t know how I could have the made the transition to VP without this book. I basically slept with the thing—reading and re-reading chapters before bed to really dig into the underlying concepts and meditate on how to use them the next day – Jim Lemar, VP Sales, LMI Siper

Impostor syndrome is real and I definitely felt it when I was coming up. And, I know everyone else around me did as well. If nothing else, The Junior Executive, helped me move past it quickly and confidently. Honestly, at this point I understand why I felt that way, but I really don’t anymore—it’s a relief and I thank the book for that. – Kumar Parnish, VP Customer Success, Tata PLC

A penetrating survey of the mindset, skills, traits and behaviors needed to become an executive in any organization. – Kirkus