New Manager Mistakes –And How to Avoid Them

For those individuals ascending the hierarchical ladder, Pride is one of the most impactful traits.  This is particularly true of new managers and new executives.  How do we manage the impact of Pride–for, it is not necessarily a bad emotion and is symptomatic of excellent performance.

From “The Junior Executive“…

Pride is a difficult emotion and is inextricably tied to how we view ourselves in the world. In the context of the organization, it must be viewed objectively and maturely. The successful executive will not tether their pride to day-to-day tasks or interactions. Rather, they will derive pride from higher-level goals and the overall performance of their team and the organization. All other expressive attributes will fall in line. The successful executive will demonstrate maturity and a practical understanding of the limits of individuals and teams to craft a strategy and mode of operations that are grounded in controllable functions and realistic levels of performance. They will monitor and modify these with the same level of maturity to achieve long-term and higher-level goals.

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